Is rugby safe?

Rugby is a contact sport. Therefore injuries can and do occur from time to time. However, it is not as dangerous as many Americans think thanks to slogans like “Give blood, play rugby”, or the misleading comparisons to “football without pads”.  You should spend a little time on Google to read about it yourself.  You will find out that rugby is less dangerous than American Football, Hockey and other sports. Cheerleading is still the most dangers for high school girls. Superficial injuries like scrapes and bruises are common, but serious injuries like broken bones and torn ligaments are actually less common in rugby when compared with other contact sports like football and hockey, and even more uncommon at the high school level. Safety is priority #1 for The Valkyries. Our most common injury is the ankle sprain, and we encourage our players to support their ankles with flexible braces and/or athletic tape. We have a trainer available to tape ankles before games.


What if I’m small?

Rugby takes all shapes and sizes. Believe it or not, we need people who are short or tall, strong or fast. Rugby is unique in that we aren’t looking for a particular body shape or size. There is a position for just about every body type you can think of.


What if I’ve never played before?

Youth flag rugby is still just getting started in our area. 95% of the players on the team never played before they came to us. And we have many new players every year that have no idea how to play, so you will not be alone.  This equalizing factor leads to great competition between schools and early bonding between teammates. Some of the best rugby players are ex-soccer, basketball, lacrosse, or field hockey players. Even if you’ve never played a sport before, let us help you find your inner athlete with us. You may surprise yourself.


How do I register?

You will need to register with our team and with RugbyPA through our registration page. The good news is, we both use the same service, so your info does not all have to be entered twice. Once you have completed the process, be sure to print your forms from RugbyPA and bring them to practice for your coach’s records.


What if I can’t afford it?

Don’t let money get in the way!  We are a non-profit, fully run by volunteers that love rugby. We are not looking to make money. We just want to share this great game with you. If you have a hardship, and can’t pay your dues or join us on a trip, please talk to us about it. We will find a way. We have had players work extra on our fundraiser, find a sponsor, or even had a donor give them a “scholarship” for their commitment to the team.


Do colleges offer scholarships for rugby?

Yes they do, and more of them are doing it every year. Rugby is the fastest growing sport in the USA, especially at the college level. We have two players that have already been offered rugby scholarships this year.


What should I wear?

For practice, you should wear comfortable, athletic clothing. Wear layers so you can peel some off or put them on if you get hot/cold. During the preseason we are on a basketball court, so you should wear sneakers for indoor practices, and be prepared to do a little running outside.

To play rugby you need a uniform (jersey, shorts, socks) that we will supply, a pair of cleats (soccer cleats are fine), and a mouth guard. You can wear compression shorts and other sport wear under your uniform. And if you want a little extra protection for your head and ears, or just to keep your hair out of your face, you can purchase a scrum cap online (optional). NO JEWELRY or LONG FINGERNAILS allowed!


What if I can’t get there on time?

We demand commitment from everyone, and attendance is tracked and used to help determine who gets game time. However, we understand that you have a life outside of rugby. If you are going to be late, have to leave early, or will miss a practice or game because of another obligation, let your coaches know as early as possible. Knowing which and how many players we have to work with helps us plan.


What if I don’t have a ride?

Contact us and we will help you. We will find someone coming from your direction to give you a ride. Don’t wait until the last minute to ask!


Is transportation provided for away games?

Players are not allowed to drive to games. We mostly rely on parents and coaches to carpool. For longer trips we may rent vans or charter a bus. We are working to raise money to purchase our own van…