Practice & Game Field:

Hatfield American Leagion:
2100 Koffel Road
Hatfield, PA 19440

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Additional Locations:

Preseason Indoor Practice Facility:

Trinity Lutheran Church
West Main Street and Valley Forge Road
Lansdale, PA 19446

Park and enter at rear lot on the side near the playground.  NO KICKING BALLS inside the gym – the ceiling and windows are not protected for this.  Be respectful to church property, and leave it in the same (or better) condition as you found it.

Practice Field:

Lansdale Little League Complex:
Moyer Road (900 block)
Lansdale, PA 19449
Rules and Regulations:

Rugby is a game that relies on respect; for yourself, your teammates, your opponents, and the referees and spectators, whether they are volunteer or captive. Our desire is to be the perfect host, please respect that by being model guests.

Your support is sincerely appreciated.

Although MBARA has invested a lot of money and effort into the development of our fields, we still rely on good relations with our neighbors to continue the privilege of using the facilities that border their property. It was only with their approval and support that we were allowed to develop our own facility. This relationship is essentially quid pro quo; we agree to respect their right to not be exposed to unacceptable behavior, and they respect our desire to play this great and glorious game called Rugby. There were a number of concerns that were expressed at the beginning of the relationship, which we agreed to respect. These include, but are not limited to the following:

NO drinking of alcoholic beverages around the playing area. There is a pavilion on the Legion property where drinking is permitted for our guests, but alcoholic drinks are NOT allowed around the playing area.

No litter left around the playing area. There are dumpsters and trash cans provided, please use them or take your trash home.