About the Iron Lions

Iron Lions Boys U19

The U19 Boys team was founded in 1988 and was the first of all the North Penn teams to represent the club. In 2013 the “Iron Lions” will celebrate its 25th anniversary of rugby and will hope to continue to live up to our tradition of excellence. Over the years the boy’s teams at North Penn have obtained multiple Division Championships and three trips to the USA National Championships.

More recently the Iron Lions earned a PA State Championship in 2011, were ranked 13th in the Nation and won an EPRU Championship in 2012. We are also very proud of our many graduates who have moved on to play rugby at the University and Club level all over the country including some of the most successful teams in the US.

In addition, it is always our goal that Iron Lion alumni come back home to play for North Penn at the senior level. Currently a majority of our Men’s Team are home grown talent who have come up through the ranks.The current coaching staff of the Iron Lions is comprised entirely of former high school team members who have made a commitment to give back to the team which gave them their start and helped cultivate their personal love of rugby. Our goals are very simple. We are not interested in building “championship teams,” we are interested in building “championship boys”. Winning on the field is a byproduct of success off the field. Rugby is the tool by which we can make a difference, promote valuable life skills and hold our boys to a high moral standard. Our philosophy is based around the core values: Friendship, Respect, Responsibility and Hard Work. Our motto is Ubi Concordia Ibi Victoria or “Where there is Unity there is Victory.”